A high quality audit will always provide businesses and organizations with critical and key information along with the assurance that their financial statements are fairly presented. At Pinnacle consulting, we feel that the audit process is an opportunity for our clients to become more aware of their business and its environment so that they are in a stronger position to tackle the challenges that lie ahead. We )Auditors in Islamabad) provide our clients with an objective presentation of their financial information as well as qualified advice and observations.

Our audit approach is a risk based and a progressive one. We draw on our in-depth knowledge of our clients’ businesses to make constructive contributions for improvement.

Before commencing, we ensure that we have a full working knowledge about our client’s business and activities which in turn reduces the client’s time involvement. We ( Auditors in Islamabad) don’t just perform an audit, we keep an eye out for any strengths that are being underutilized or potential weakness that may do harm in the future. A customized approach is the key to this objective. We ensure that we understand all aspects of our clients’ organization and industry, which results into a seamless and efficient delivery of services

Cost Audit

By definition, Cost Audits determine the correctness of cost accounting records to confirm that they are in conformity with Cost Accounting principles, plans, processes and objective and includes the verification of the cost accounting records such as the accuracy of the cost accounts, cost reports, cost statements, cost data and costing technique and inspection of these accounts to confirm that they observe the cost accounting principles, plans, procedures and objective.
By utilizing numerous management accounting methods, cost audit results in reduced cost of production, enhanced competitive advantage, and profit growth. At the macro level, it increases tax collection, reduces inflation, and gives a boost to dividend, investment and economic development.
It pinpoints areas of weaknesses, hidden losses and unaccounted inefficiencies which eventually result in negative effects on the financial health of a business. Cost audits aids in identifying early warning signal for corrective actions.
At Pinnacle, we have accumulated a vast quantum of experience in carrying out cost audits both for the Public as well as the Private sector. Some of our major clients are Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited and Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority.

Forensic Audit

Audit commenced at the explicit invitation of the organization to increase the overall efficiency and identifying or mitigating the chances of fraud or misappropriation of resources.
Our firm and its Partners have a rich experience of conducting forensic audit investigations. The firm has been engaged by the Security and Exchange Commission of Government of Pakistan as well as the High Courts on numerous instances to carry out financial forensic investigations on their behalf. One of the major investigations that the firm carried out was the forensic audit of the Pakistan Steel Mill (PSM).